ASK organization knowledge vault

ASK is an end to end knowledge management solution based on SharePoint, the leading collaborative content management platform. ASK provides effective ways to translate the Organization’s ongoing experience into knowledge which include explicit as well as tacit knowledge. It facilitates effective retrieval by structuring the knowledge artifacts taxonomically and by building enterprise-wide Managed metadata dictionaries.

Authoring Dashboard

Authoring Dashboard simplifies authoring of all types of knowledge artifacts. Authoring Dashboard enhances the user experience by facilitating authors to create and edit knowledge artifact and media files on a single page irrespective of the Knowledge repositories.

Knowledge Sharing in Digital Workplaces

Effective sharing and finding of Knowledge has a major role when building Digital Workplaces. In knowledge intensive industry Digital workplaces are evolving rapidly. ASK is a solution that facilitates organization users to share and retrieve knowledge & information in many effective ways.

Solution to Knowledge Governance Challenge

Today, enterprises face challenges in implementing governance maintaining their knowledge artifacts. A business unit, department or division follow one way of defining the knowledge artifact whereas another department follows other. Moreover, these business units, departments or divisions use different repositories to manage their knowledge artifacts. This poses a big knowledge governance challenge and reduces the usability of knowledge shared.

ASK is a one stop solution for all Knowledge Management Governance Challenges. ASK inherently encourages governance implementation through:

  • Knowledge artifact configuration
  • Knowledge provisioning
  • Taxonomy generation
  • Effective management of Knowledge Vaults
  • Knowledge artifact lifecycle

Pre-Configured Taxonomy

Managed metadata is the key in the process of classification, discovery and search of the knowledge artifacts. Effective managed metadata can drive relationships and re-usability of information and knowledge. Building taxonomy is a very tedious and time consuming task for the organizations.

ASK is packaged with pre-configured managed metadata, specific to domain, which saves time and ensures faster return on investment. ASK makes it as easy as possible to import from the existing metadata stores.

Personalized Knowledge Dashboards

Personalize view of the knowledge content is a key to the success of knowledge management. ASK enables user to view different knowledge artifacts based on personal preference and user profile. Users can opt to subscribe to their area of interest, specific knowledge vaults or follow Experts in the organization.

Device Support

ASK comes with seamless reading experience on devices of all types viz. Windows, Android, Apple etc. With device support, users have access to the organization knowledge irrespective of time and location.


ASK Scoreboard catalyzes knowledge sharing in the organization. Scoreboards provide Knowledge Vault owners to configure the scores, rewards and badges. Scoreboard Rewarding and Sense of Achievement stimulate a passion for sharing innovation and knowledge of optimum quality.

Social features

Social features enable users to work collectively on knowledge and information creation and edition without location and time constraint. Social features in ASK facilitate users to discuss, like or rate the knowledge shared on the platform. This ensures users to be more engaged in knowledge sharing and optimizing the knowledge management usability. Also, ASK’s social analytics tool assists in identification of experts in the organization.


Statistics and reporting facilitate top management and Knowledge Vault owners to track enterprise-wide KM activities. ASK Statistics provides utilization of every knowledge artifact thus reporting the return on investment as a result of re-usability provisioned by ASK. Statistics shows users what knowledge is trending through popularity of the knowledge artifact.