Architectural Solution - Distributed Caching to improve Performance and Scalability – Part 5

Part 4 of this article series describes how to achieve custom Distributed caching in Office 365 to improve performance and scalability.

In this post, I am going to explain the scenario (in which caching becomes the urgent need) and comparative analysis between OOTB Taxonomy service & custom caching service.

Scenario: In cross site publishing, managed navigation is configured in the Taxonomy service using Terms sets and terms. In certain cases (such as when building a responsive portals etc.), OOTB navigation (a delegate control internally) may not suffice the requirements. Such scenarios compel developers to invoke Managed metadata service using JSOM and build portal navigation on the client side. Performance problems start here and need for caching arises.

To compare the performance (caching service Vs Taxonomy) a custom service is built and hosted on Azure which caches navigation content. Following are the results of the two services. The stats collected when services were running under the load of 100 concurrent users.

Conclusion: It is found that custom caching service performs better than OOTB taxonomy service. Also, with full control on custom caching service, complex business logic can be implemented to filter the data to be returned.