Performance Engineering

Today, Performance and Scalability has become an integral part of all Application and Product development. This demands implementation of performance management process and methodologies in all phases of development and maintenance. ZES provides end-to-end performance engineering solution to deliver Application and Products with high performance and scalability. Our Performance Engineering offerings include:

Performance Audit
  • Architecture and design review using performance modeling techniques
  • NFR analysis and workload categorization
  • Application code Audits in w.r.t. Performance coding guidelines
  • Web and App server traffic analysis

Performance Tuning and troubleshooting
  • Performance Benchmarking and bottlenecks identification
  • Application code optimization in adherence to Performance best practices
  • Setting up Scale-Out architecture in design phase
  • Performance and Scalability optimization using advance Distributed Caching Solution
  • Troubleshooting Production Out of memory issues using advance debugging tools

  • Production monitoring Strategy
  • Critical Path and dependency identification
  • Test data preparation
  • Application code profiling
  • Memory Leak identification
  • Large Object Heap (LOH) objects profiling